Source available at sourceforge svn

You can check out the source code via sourceforge svn now:


Or browse my hacks magick via sourceforge viewvc:

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Currently it's far from playable,though I would like to make the development more transparent to others.


Facundo said...

I'm supporting your project in spirit. UW:NH is one of the best games ever to exist, and I've searched everywhere for a more extended version, or at least somewhat basic moddable.
Anyway, gl and don't give up the project, I'm sure a lot of people will like your job when it's done, there are no mods for this game, so, it will be great :D!

magick panda said...


UW:NH is definitely one of the best games ever made,unfortunately the latest sequel which is supposed to UW5/UW V became MMORPG...so I seriously doubt there will be another 'official' sequel to this series..

Back to the dos/win9x days,I looked at the data files of UWNH a bit,it seems almost all data(except the tbl and mes files,tbl is name table and mes stands for 'messages',it stores dialogs of NPC's I think) is in binary format(to save size on disk obviously) and can only be modified via a hex editor.With binary data with undisclosed structure and hardcoded 'events' it's nearly impossible to 'mod' it properly.

Facundo said...

So the only things you can do without hardcodding is changing dialogs and names string tables?

Facundo said...

Also, 65836 editing isn't possible to change the more useful codes in the game? Is it viable?
I've no clue on programming as of now :(

magick panda said...

I am a bit lazy,so I will quote myself: :)

4.Why don't just mod UWNH?
A:It's not very moddable,plus reverse the data structures used by UWNH binary data files probably will take more time than writing something from scratch.

5.Maybe you better wait UWNH to be liberated or its source being released under open source license?
A:I don't think this will ever happen,UWNH is 10 years+ and it's recognized as 'abandonware' by various sites.But from wikipedia and other sources,I read/heard UWNH,UW3,UW4 were ported to portable gaming devices and cell phones,seems there are still merits in them,so I guess a source release will never happen,still,it's just my speculation.