So Blizz confirmed removal of LAN gameplay in SC2..

Few days ago Blizzard confirmed the removal of LAN feature in SC2, their excuses were piracy and new battle.net services, but in my opinions the excuses are irrelevant. One of the reasons Blizzard's previous titles become very popular is LAN/Direct-IP-over-internet gameplay capacities most other games of the same genre doesn't offer, removing LAN/Direct-IP feature would be a shot in the foot. Battle.net is nice but it's definitely not for everyone, especially when you are geographically distant from one of the battle.net servers. A laggy as hell only multiplayer will hurt the sales and the fanbase for sure.

WoW has transformed Blizzard into a money hungry control freak, it's not the company that we used to know who did hear players' voices, now what they do daily is pretty much sending 48-hours Cease And Desist Legal-Threat Letters to their avid fans who is trying to create a mod or total conversion of Blizzard Title either in a standalone project or in other game, or an innocent individual who accidentally put a Blizzard's game file on a web server.

Probably one day we will be charged for infringement of their copyrighted trademark WoW when we say "WOW" in real-life(tm) heh.

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